About ECHS

4-year Course Sequence

9th Grade

  • English I Adv

  • Algebra or Geo Adv

  • Biology Adv

  • W Hist or W Geo Adv

  • EDUC 1300

  • Physical Education

  • AVID I

  • LOTE I

10th Grade

  • English II Adv

  • Geo or Algebra II Adv

  • Chemistry Adv

  • HUMA 1301 / HUMA 1302

  • ARTS 1301 / SOCI 1301

  • Elective



11th Grade

  • ENGL 1301 / ENGL 1302

  • Algebra II or Pre-Cal Adv

  • Physics

  • HIST 1301 / HIST 1302

  • DRAM 1310 / SPCH 1315

  • ENVR 1301 / Elective



12th Grade

  • ENGL 2322 / PSYC 2301

  • Pre-Cal Adv or Calculus

  • BIOL 1309 / PHIL 2306

  • GOVT 2305 / GOVT 2306

  • ECON 2301 / MATH 1342

  • Elective / Study Lab / OP



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Nothing! ECHS is free.

How do I apply?

The application will be live on Feb. 7. Please visit the ECHS homepage and click the APPLY button on or after this date, or check with your school counselor.

How can I learn more?

Please tour this site or contact ECHS at (512) 570-1019, or via email to ECHS@leanderisd.org

What exactly is ECHS?

Early College High School is a partnership between Leander ISD and Austin Community College that allows high school students to obtain their high school diploma while simultaneously earning a general studies associate degree from ACC.

How does ECHS benefit me?

ECHS is a School of Choice for students in Leander ISD. The focus of ECHS is to empower our community by providing equitable access for all to alternative educational opportunities, with a specific focus on high-quality education and post-secondary success, with a focus on EcoDis, At-Risk and First Generation College.

Is transportation provided for ECHS students?

Transportation is available for all students attending ECHS.

When do I begin taking college classes?

Your first college course will be taken your freshman year – EDUC 1300.

What would my schedule look like?

Your schedule will show eight courses, but only four are attended each day – Monday through Thursday (A/B Days). On Friday, you will attend all eight classes for 45 minutes each.

What if I need help in my classes?

An advisory period is built-in every day for 50 minutes, after school tutorials 3 days a week for an hour (transportation provided), peer-assisted learning, and tutoring is offered at ACC at no charge for ECHS students.

Will I be at ACC all day?

Students who are enrolled in ECHS will be at the ACC San Gabriel Campus for the entire school day.

Are there sports, band, or clubs at ECHS?

There are no sports or band courses, but you may select from our many campus clubs, esports team and participate in ACC intramural sports.